The project was made in collaboration with the Architect Manuela Molinaro.

The project is located between the Yaas and the Saadiyat Islands, on a desertic stretch of waterfront without any vegetation. The main idea of this project is to design ecological platforms that provided services to people allowing them to realise all kinds of activities, a multifunctional space created to show the world the new bio-climatic and sustainable technologies that are being developed in the United Arab Emirates.

The sustainability concept is very simple, we have chosen to focus on three fundamental points: the development of territories designated  to renewable energies, such as wind or solar energy power stations, the recycling of oil barrels and the assembly of the spaces throught multithematic routes. In Abu dhabi, as the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the emphasis is currently on ecological proposals, but what exactly is an ecological proposal?, we, as citiziens of the world, should ask to ourselves that question; we are creating the non-natural landscapes that someday will be the past of people, now we have the opportunity to combine sustainability, architecture, urbanism and social interaction.

Network & Links: The project forms an essential part of a larger network shaped by the geographic conditions of Abu Dhabi, a network that is connecting the grid of the existing and future territories with living nexuses. This complex and intelligent network is calling for a new logical approach taking into consideration all interactive elements. These links that connect the “hot spots” of the grid are based on the relationship between the landscape and the human being, this urban structure develops new areas in an efficient way merging the natural and the artificial into a brand new sustainable landscape. The site is subdivided into three main areas: the City (the zone next to the road), the nature (in the middle) and the waterfront. Each one of these areas includes various activities, which can be further subcategorized into: services, sports, relax, art, culture, education and recreation. The plan develops circular platforms, which have different dimensions and are made of different materials. The platforms are connected through a “promenade” which integrates the space and generates routes across the intervention area.

The linked network we propose for this project is the key that generates different landscapes and different activity areas and also connect the sustainable energy obtained from the sun and the wind. To add to the complexity and the links between the platforms, this network works not only on a horizontal level but also on a vertical level providing a bridge across the highway that will connect the platforms with the other part of the island. One of the main ideas of our proposal is the use of local materials for each of the  platforms. For instance, we recycle oil barrels, transforming them into garbage containers or structural elements. In a few words we can describe our project as a connector among the sustainable elements that exist in Abu Dhabi and a linked network.